Try our two newest entrees

On your next shopping trip, keep an eye out for the latest additions to the Chili’s® At Home family:

Beef Fiesta Rice Bowl

Seasoned beef with rice, peppers, black beans, onions and corn topped with zesty sauce and cheddar cheese. If you love our popular Chicken Fajita Rice Bowl, just wait until you try this entree, which infuses an appetite-satisfying meal with the fresh flavors of the Southwestern kitchen. Look for Chili’s® At Home products in your area.

Breakfast Sausage Scramble

No time to eat breakfast at home? Heat this up when you get to the office and enjoy a breakfast of eggs, roasted potatoes and sausage with a Southwestern-style salsa. Our new Breakfast Sausage Scramble makes a great lunch or dinner, too. Look for Chili’s® At Home products in your area.