Cajun-style Chicken Alfredo

Grilled white chicken, cavatappi pasta & peppers in a bold & creamy sauce

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Nutrition Information

Serving Size 1 Package Amount % Daily Value
Calories 390
Total Fat 12g 18%
Cholesterol 70mg 23%
Sodium 750mg 31%
Total Carbohydrate 44g 15%
Protein 25g

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Consumer Reviews

I LOVE IT!!!! wish we still had chili's in Tuscaloosa. I need this recipe! - Sam Key
Delicious! My favorite of the frozen entree options! - Alexandria White
This is the best thing that has ever existed. Why do you not have these at Walmart anymore? :( - Ben W
Best one! - Rich Franke
This dish is simply "delicious". It has just the right amount of seasoning and most importantly just the right size portion to leave you satisfied!! - Teresa Jenkins

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